About FoilChat

The why, what, and who

Hacked passwords and user accounts, hijacked devices, leaked corporate secrets, and spyware intercepting our messages – the online world is notoriously insecure.
The good news is that with FoilChat it doesn’t have to be this way. In 2013, founder Eero Vainionpää created a messaging service based on the very best encryption methods, algorithms, and security features out there. His idea was that no one but the intended recipients should be able to read your messages – not even the company that provides the service.

And so FoilChat was born. Being located in Finland has two main advantages. Firstly, it gives us access to some of the top professionals in information and cyber security, app creation, telecoms, law, and finance. Secondly, Finland boasts strong legal protections to help ensure the security of your messages.

At FoilChat, we believe it’s high time we moved away from a reality where anyone with enough resources and brainpower can read your messages. Instead, we want to create a world where airtight security keeps your communications safe.

Our Values

Why we do what we do
In a non-secure online world, FoilChat provides secure messaging that is always encrypted and compliant. Our aim is to create an environment where companies can communicate internally and with clients and stakeholders without having to worry about the security of their information.
Our vision is to be the leading digital messaging platform for confidential corporate communication.
Trustworthiness and security underpin everything we do. We act as a reliable partner for our customers and stakeholders, develop products and services that are dependable and easy to use, and put the customer first in everything we do.