All messaging, all devices, always encrypted

A Secure Communication Platform

For Corporate and Private use
FoilChat works just like any great messaging app, while also ensuring the security of your business communications.

Here’s what you get:

Secure messaging app

Send encrypted instant messages, video messages, images, or files.

Secure group chats

Start a group chat with your colleagues and store conversations and files to meet compliance requirements.

Self and remote destruct

Send messages that will be deleted after a set time or remove messages remotely.

Multiple accounts

Separate your work and social accounts ­– FoilChat allows you to create as many accounts as you want.

Video and voice calls

Make secure video and voice calls.

Secure cloud storage

All messages are encrypted on your device to maximize security before being securely stored in the cloud.

For all devices

Access your messages on all your devices all the time.

User management

Businesses can manage users and group chats – and if an employee leaves, the messages stay inside the company.

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