Key features

Everything you need for messaging -always encrypted!

Direct Messaging

Send instant messages, push-to-talk, video messages, camera pictures or any files. Although encrypted, you won’t notice a difference in speed or reliability

Team Channels

Start a group chat with your colleagues, manage who is participating or store conversations and files for the company to meet compliance requirements

Self- & Remote Destruct

Send messages that will destruct after a set timeframe or remotely remove messages sent earlier. This will remove the message without leaving a trace

Multiple Accounts

Want to separate your work and social accounts? Don’t worry, foilChat allows you to create as many accounts as you want

Social Media Integration

Connect to your email, LinkedIn, other social media or phone contacts. See which of your colleagues, partners or customers is using foilChat or send an invitation directly from the app

Video & VoIP Calls

Start making calls and videoconferences in a secure way. FoilChat offers a great videoconferencing tool for one-on-one or group calls

Cloud Storage

All messages are encrypted on your device to maximize security before being stored on the cloud. You can use the foilChat cloud to store any files and documents in any format securely

All Devices

Simultaneous synchronisation across all your devices. This means you can use foilChat on any device without needing to have your phone online and nearby

foilChat Enterprise

A secure communication platform for professional use

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    When it comes to security, foilChat doesn’t compromise. We use expert recommended encryption techniques to ensure maximum security, while maintaining speed.
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    All the messaging channels you need. Messages travel instantly and are encrypted by default
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    Saas Model

    Making foilChat Enterprise the go-to messaging app in your company requires no upfront investments. You pay monthly only for registered users. You will always be able to enjoy the newest upgrades and functionalities
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    Made for Professional Use

    FoilChat Enterprise is optimized for professional use. Manage channels and users. Save the messaging to meet compliance requirements
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    External Messages

    FoilChat Enterprise works for both internal and customer facing communication. As an Enterprise customer you can use all Enterprise functionalities in all foilChat communication, free or Enterprise
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    Works on all devices

    All messaging needs, on all devices and always encrypted. When you need to keep your corporate messages safe ­ foilChat is for you

Our clients

Umo Capital

Private Investment Company

Music Kindergarten Priimi

Day Care Center

Optimum Insurance

Insurance Business


Home Services

Pricing Plans

Only pay for activated users. You can try it out for free

Free Version


• Available in Play Store, AppStore & browser

• Free consumer functionality

• 1 GB cloud storage

• Limited attachment size

• 10h/week VVoIP calls

foilChat Enterprise


monthly/user (VAT 0)

• Full enterprise functionality

• Nearly unlimited cloud storage

• Unlimited attachment size

• Full resolution images

• Unlimited VoIP and video calls

In App Security

Practically unbreakable security while maintaining speed and reliability

1. Random Numbers

> Random numbers are generated from device sensors and made cryptographically secure using Fortuna (PRNG)

2. RSA4096

> A cryptographic technology (RSA4096) is used to create a public key to encrypt information that can be shared and

> A private key, just for you, that can decrypt said information.

3. AES Encryption

> We use AES-256 encryption in CBC block cipher mode which is one of the block cipher modes recommended by Niels Ferguson and Bruce Schneier.

> Combines practically unencryptable safety with fast performance


User A generates a key for opening messages using the random number generator, encrypts it using User B:s public key and sends it to the server.


User B decrypts User A:s key by using his private key.


User A uses shared encryption key to encrypt his message and sends it to the server.


User B receives the message, decrypts it using shared key and reads it.

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